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World Book Night: April 23rd 2013

31 Mar

With more than 23,000 people volunteering to hand out books in their communities, worked book night 2013 has seen a record number of givers sign up!

World Book Night c.e.o. Julia Kingsford said: “World Book Night is all about making connections—between authors and readers, between readers and emerging readers, between bookshops, libraries and the communities they share and between everyone with great books and stories.”

Taking place on April 23rd, World Book Night will see delivery service Yodel distribute 400,000 books to giver collection points, while a further 100,000 books will be sent directly to hospitals, prisons and care homes in an attempt to reach communities with low literacy levels.

Neil Lloyd, Yodel c.e.o. commented; “Yodel makes nearly 3.5 million book deliveries each year across the UK, both to independent booksellers and retail chains as well as direct to consumers. We are delighted to be playing a role in this year’s World Book Night, helping more people to discover the joy of reading.”

For more information about World Book Night please visit: http://www.worldbooknight.org